Sadhu board Yoga Desk Nails Board

Sadhu board Yoga Desk Nails Board
Sadhu board Yoga Desk Nails Board
Sadhu board Yoga Desk Nails Board
Sadhu board Yoga Desk Nails Board
Sadhu board Yoga Desk Nails Board

Sadhu board Yoga Desk Nails Board    Sadhu board Yoga Desk Nails Board
The sadhu Board (standing on nails) is a very powerful transformational practice. In a few minutes, a person can see the workings of his mind, experience a small "death" and be reborn again. In the same minutes, the practitioner goes through all five stages of accepting the inevitable. The more I delve into the practice, the more deeply I see how this practice, like a fractal, permeates our essence, life, mind and body, consciousness and subconsciousness, the world around us and the relationship with the universe, harmonizing all the relationships.

Sadhu Board-use for the body. Our physical body is the most obvious and gross of all our bodies.

It slowly but steadily follows the changes in the flow of finer energies. Many Wellness practices, such as acupuncture, yoga, pranayama, and others, are based on this principle. And all psychosomatic diseases work on the same principle.

Due to the way the practice of standing on nails harmonizes our subtle bodies, as discussed below, in the long run it can radically change our physical body. In addition, do not forget that on each foot there are about 70,000 nerve endings, projections of all the organs of our body. By stimulating the projection zones of certain organs, we inevitably get a healing effect. This topic is well covered in Chinese medicine, and in this practice it is an inevitable, but not the main bonus. Working with the mind while standing on nails. In Ayurveda, the mind is considered as one of the subtle bodies. In modern terms, we can say that this is the driver of the physical body.

Normally, its function is to maintain the body's vital functions and provide for its basic needs. The mind is able to influence the flow of energy flows in the body, creating stable disorders in the form of blocks, clamps, fears, "writing" on our body the history of life. Many people initially underestimate the influence of the mind on the practice process, losing sight of its strength, cunning, and stable patterns of behavior. But most people who have experienced the effect of the sadhu Board will notice how unexpectedly some of our "favorite" sides of the mind appear. This occurs both during the actual practice of nail therapy, and for a few days after.

This is due to the fact that the discomfort experienced by the practitioner exceeds by an order of magnitude the discomfort from any irritating factors of everyday life, which puts a particularly strong pressure on the mind. In such circumstances, after losing an internal battle, the mind is forced to give up and retreat, exposing our true essence.

When the mind retreats, only silence remains. Time begins to flow in a special way.

All worries, worries, sorrows suddenly disappear somewhere. And you don't even need someone to comment on it, he is defeated and watches with a frown. It becomes clear whose this quiet voice, until then barely audible over the loud shouts of the mind. So that's who was arguing with who just now!

Everything that is experienced at this moment is so extreme, subtle and individual that I will not describe this state in detail, this experience must be experienced personally. We are so built that we tend to associate ourselves with the mind, since it is the most obvious "master" in our head. All spiritual practices are aimed at disidentification with the mind. But the process is not fast and difficult, but very exciting and brings the most favorable changes.

How to properly stand on a Board with nails. Like our life, each new experience on the Board is an individual and creative process. Here much depends on the guide, or on yourself, if you pass the practice individually. First of all, drop all fears.

If fear of any kind suddenly arises-be ready to look it in the eyes. One leg at a time, calmly, on the exhale. Relax as much as possible.

With the help of breathing, relax more deeply both in your body and in your mind. Watch your mind, everything that happens to you.

Who is this happening to? Remember, this is an individual and creative process where you will encounter yourself.

Don't be afraid of anything, live second by second. Get rid of thoughts about leaving the Board. Don't fight the pain, don't try to get rid of it. Accept everything that is happening to you at the moment, without waiting for the end of the practice, as if it is for a long time. At some point, you may realize that the pain is no longer bothering you.

It just exists, but how to react to it is your choice. From this moment, the question disappears: how long can you stand on nails? Yes at least how much Wait until you realize that the mind is taking over again.

Until plans for the future, assessments, and judgments began to be born again in my head I don't recommend stopping for more than 30 minutes. You need to get off the nails carefully, preferably with a support or assistant. Energetically stretch your legs with your hands, or disperse well, stomp, jump. Be alone, if possible, give yourself some time, lie down.

Do not scold yourself if you fail, go into practice calmly and relaxed. Don't wait for the result to repeat each new time may be completely different. Try putting a piece of paper on each Board.

Paper will help you hold out for the first minute, then it's a matter of technique. Remember: the less you move, the easier it is for your feet. Indications for the practice of standing on nails. Increasing the level of awareness. Presence in the here and now».

Lack of energy, lack of motivation. Depression and stress, a state of depression.

Achievement of goals, fulfillment of desires. Establishing a dictatorship of the spirit. If you have no contraindications this is already an indication!

Contraindications for standing on nails. Heart disease, due to high loads on the circulatory system. Epilepsy and acute forms of allergies, due to the influence of a strong stress factor. Alcohol and drug intoxication, a state of hangover, due to unpredictable results. Inflammation, wounds on the legs.

If you feel a near loss of consciousness-the practice should be immediately interrupted. Moderate nausea, dizziness, numbness, shaking in the body, fever a normal component of the practice, only Your feelings in this are the main criteria for continuing the session. Dimensions of the Sadhu Board.

The Board is suitable for both beginners and experienced. The Board is equipped with magnets, very convenient for travel and everyday practices, weight 1,7 kg.

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Sadhu board Yoga Desk Nails Board    Sadhu board Yoga Desk Nails Board