Medical Qi Gong Correspondence Course Study Qi Gong Learn Qigong Chi Kung

Medical Qi Gong Correspondence Course Study Qi Gong Learn Qigong Chi Kung
Medical Qi Gong Correspondence Course Study Qi Gong Learn Qigong Chi Kung
Medical Qi Gong Correspondence Course Study Qi Gong Learn Qigong Chi Kung

Medical Qi Gong Correspondence Course Study Qi Gong Learn Qigong Chi Kung   Medical Qi Gong Correspondence Course Study Qi Gong Learn Qigong Chi Kung

Medical Qi Gong Correspondence Course. Presented by Qi Gong Master Healer Daryll Mitchell.

Over 24 hours of DVD footage filmed in front of a live class. On completing all 3 levels in this course, you will be recognized internationally as a professional practitioner and a master healer. Qi Gong Healing has been around for 5000 years.

The advanced levels of healing in China transcend the physical limitations and are not generally made public. Students will be able to change the fundamental condition of clients at the deepest level - not just the clearing of emotions, balancing through nutrition.

There are 3 levels in the entire course. Each level qualifies you as a practitioner, e.

Level 1 practitioner, level 2 practitioner, level 3 practitioner, then you need to do Qi Gong Masters for master level. On completion of level 1,2,3, and Masters - you will be a Master Healer and be able to perform high level healings and practice the principles. Attune to your divine healing potentials, develop new skills for life and a natural health clinic, assist yourself, friends and family. All Practitioners will benefit and this will add the most valuable healing tool available to anyone's toolbox - the ability to transmute and transcend most physical, emotional, mental and spiritual concerns of your clients permanently and irreversibly. Transmit healing Qi at the highest level and remove and cleanse the illness Qi.

Once attuned your hands, eyes, mind and heart are all healing tools that resonate with the Universal Pure Yang Qi and the Earthly Pure Yin Qi and this will develop your Human Qi to the highest level. The Master attunements are permanent and perfect. The gift of Mastership has to be earned and an ongoing commitment to the highest service to all is part of your requirement to receive it now. Medical Qi Gong - Level 1. The DVD presentation is filmed in front of a live audience - Over 8 hours of quality viewing class time.

A wonderful (gentle) activity for harnessing Ch'i (energy) and utilizing it for health, healing, youthfulness, flexibility and awareness. No experience is necessary when studying Medical Qi Gong - simply wear comfortable clothing, and socks or slippers. The course consists of gentle exercises and spiritual teachings to guide you on your path. Each class consists of a combination of theory, spiritual cultivation, pranic (breath) and Ch'i (energy) exercises. Guided with grounded ancient arts and suggestions.

Perfect for the beginner or those with experience. To free the mind, body and soul. All are welcome and enter at varying levels of fitness, health and body shape - feel comfortable and supported no matter what level you are at.

Qi Gong class which will enable the students to more fully be involved in the cultivation process and understand the value of disciplined practice. The power of Qi Gong as a transformational tool is in the commitment to practice and the time involved in each of its activities, Mind will, Breath, Movement and Meditation. This course is a stand alone course which qualifies you as a Medical Qi Gong practitioner.

You can if you wish follow with the master course which allows you to become a master Qi Gong practitioner although this is only available through attendance of a course with Mater Qi Gong Practitioner Daryll Mitchell. At the culmination of the course, submit the test papers as well as a donation for marking the papers any amount accepted, and arrange a personal meeting to receive your attunements. The meeting can be done in person or over a long distance. A short video footage of yourself practicing is of assistance to assess your technique. Upon successful completion, your accreditation and certificate will be posted to you.

What is included in each of the kits? The Qi Gong Manual (presented as an eBook). 8 Hours of Presentation across 4 DVDs (PAL format only available). Note that students in North America are usually able to play the DVDs on their computer DVD drives, but they normally are unable to play them on DVD players in their entertainment system which require NTSC format.

Appointments to receive personal attunements. "I have personally received Medical Qi Gong treatment from Daryll Mitchell, and I endorse not only the healing art that he presents, but also Daryll as a true Qi Gong Master, as a teacher and as a Healer" Greg Hernon, Founder of Natures Energies. About the presenter, Daryll Mitchell..... Qi Gong Master Daryll Mitchell has studied many styles of Qi Gong including Martial, Medical and Meditation forms although concentrates on teaching the correct building of Qi for health and spiritual development. His various tutors include Professor Du Luo Yi (President of the World Association of Medical Qi Gong), Master Luo (Former head Qi Gong Master at White Pagoda Temple in Beijing), Professor Wang Yong-Qiang (24th Grandmaster of Ermei Qi Gong).

Daryll has trained diligently and extensively to attain the high level and proficiency in Qi Gong which includes the ability to'see inside' or tell the condition of various organs, glands, bones etc. What makes this correspondence course unique is that as well as great material, time honored practices and teachings that work, you also have access to. We are here for you and strive to assist you in becoming the best practitioner possible............. We look forward to sharing with you in this fascinating, life changing course.

7.0x9.5x1.9 / 17.8x24.4x4.8. The teaching method is great. Funny, insightful, brilliant teacher, loved everything including the sharing of Lesley and Darylls personal experiences. I loved this course I want more, more, more thank you! After Saturday, Qi Gong Awakening, I noticed my taste buds had changed, my desire for junk food nearly gone, Sunday and Monday huge detox, Tuesday felt enlivened, sleeping better, feel more alive, excited.

When we did sending of Chi. I felt myself expand, it was as if I had blended with the universal Chi. I will use this with my son, family, cooking, cleaning and everything, everyday will have more positive energy around me and mine. I felt the energy from the healings lifting burdens and grief from recent family sadness.

I feel lighter and brighter. Qi Gong has been an internal experience.

I came to this series with my main focus on the Qi Gong. As some aspects of the training have been inspired by Qi Gong. I have endeavored to have an open mind and not try to fit it into my preconceptions. Maybe it will take a while to integrate. Writing this has probably been more therapeutic for me than informative for you Love. Enlightening, I dont feel like Im lacking anymore (there was always something previously missing). I feel more enlightened, inspired and confident. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

I was fascinated by your I story in the welcome pack and of your many travels. I enjoyed being in the great Chi circle The most relevant things learnt: relax, keep it simple, no force PS It is much easier to learn and understand when taught in English, not Mandarin.

Master Daryll Mitchell very wise, funny, an old soul, young at heart. I will be harvesting Darylls teachings and Qi immediately. I have in deed felt a reconnecting with the micro cosmic chi. I have been told before and reminded by my charts and clairvoyants that I have psychic and healing abilities and this course has re affirmed these transformative powers. Excellent, Daryll is easy and explains things beautifully, friendly. The tools to heal myself and later others, I want to learn more. I enjoyed the feeling of tingles in my hands and warm feeling of being cocooned. I will use what I have learnt to improve my lifestyle and make it part of my day. It has given me a thirst to learn more stimulated my interest! A lot of what we are learning I have come across in Qi Gong classes but this course of cementing my understanding and filling in a few blanks.

Darylls serious yet light hearted approach. Liked: techniques to stimulate kidney Qi and activate Qi, overall really enjoyed the learning experience, I believe I felt lighter and more energetic. Also been smelling a scent of burning wood. Daryll I enjoyed learning Qi Gong from you.

Thank you for your generosity in starting me on this journey. I learnt to need to be persistent. I previously did not know much of this topic. I found the level of teaching to be of very high professional standards, yet this was done in a fun, relaxed and welcoming manner. My first day allowed me to feel comfortable and very welcomed.

I gained so much from this course and although I will take time to master all the back up I may need to do. This is offered and readily available. Lesley has made me feel at ease in being accepted and welcomed. Daryll is a first class presenter, much respected, excellent venue. I feel privileged to have taken part in this.

For the last month or so I have had a blocked ear, since doing the ear healing this has gone. The teachings were detailed and very entertaining.

Darylls humour was most refreshing. His connection to Gods energy was very evident and strong. Thank you for this opportunity. Thank you for your time and energy. Very entertaining, kept interested, loved all the energy and experiences I received over my courses looking forward to looking at my learning's and practicing watching the changes.

I have noticed that my energy levels have increased and the classes leave me feeling more balanced and in tune with my body. Daryll is a wonderful Qi Master - the classes are interesting, easy to follow and we always have a good laugh. The item "Medical Qi Gong Correspondence Course Study Qi Gong Learn Qigong Chi Kung" is in sale since Tuesday, July 28, 2020.

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Medical Qi Gong Correspondence Course Study Qi Gong Learn Qigong Chi Kung   Medical Qi Gong Correspondence Course Study Qi Gong Learn Qigong Chi Kung