Aerial Hammock

Aerial Hammock

Aerial Hammock    Aerial Hammock

This premium fabric is used for Yoga Slings and Aerial Silks. It is long-lasting and comfortable. Gives great relaxation, stretching, stress reduction, and back pain. Yogikuti Aerial Yoga Hammock is made from high-Quality Material And Hardware.

The Daisy Chains and carabiners are certified to climbing standards. This Kit Works Perfect For Aerial Yoga, yoga swing, yoga sling, aerial dance, aerial fitness, air yoga, aerial hammock, Aerial Pilates, Pilates hammock. Health Benefits: Allowing your spine to lengthen, helps to relieve the pain and helps to heal back problems, improves balance, increases strength, and puts you in a great mood.

It Can be Fully Cocooned Or Laying Fully. It is a stretchy fabric.

Easy setup: Knot Your Aerial hammock according to rules. We also include carabiners and daisy chains so you could take this hammock kit anywhere. The Aerial Yoga hammock kit includes everything you need to attach to your overhead points. Hammock Fabric 2.8meters x 5meters. What Kind Of Fabric Is The Hammock?

When it is banded together like a swing, and when you cocoon inside the hammock. The fabric gives just enough so that it feels comfortable for the body and skin.

Does This Come Pre Knotted On The Carbine? No, it does not become pre-knotted.

Customer needs to put knot as per their need of Height. Can Be Fully Cocooned Or Laying Fully In It? Yes, It's a slightly stretchy fabric. Can The Daisy Loops Wrap Around An Expose Beam Hang The Swing Without Drilling Into The Beam?

The daisy chains are very strong and are able to be used like that. We often recommend that you use the unlooped end of the daisy chain and place it through another loop after it is wrapped around the beam or pole. As you lay on the swing. It will cause tension on the loop formed around the beam/pole and hold you in place. How Wide Should I Hang The Swing From?

Shoulder distance is probably the safest and most supportive. Yoga Hammock Fabric 2.8meters x 5meters. Hooks: 2pc and 8pc fasteners. Important Points about Aerial Yoga Hammock. Keep the Aerial Yoga Hammock away from heat.

Install it on the ceiling or other places that can bear heavy weight. Never install on suspended ceilings. The wall to yoga distance:1meter. Distance between aerial hammock two ends: 50-80cm. Aerial yoga Hammock spacing from the floor is about 80-100cm better.

Due to the many varieties of overhead environments, Yogikuti does not provide instructions on how to rig your ceiling. We suggest that you consult with a licensed contractor.

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  1. Color: Purple
  2. Department: Unisex
  3. Material: fabric
  4. Sport/Activity: Yoga props, Iyengar Yoga, Iyengar Props, Yoga Accessories, Yoga Equipment, Aerial Hammock, Hammock set, Yoga hammock set, Hammock, Aerial Yoga, Yoga
  5. Type: Yoga Kit
  6. Item Weight: 3.500kg
  7. Brand: Yogikuti

Aerial Hammock    Aerial Hammock