Energy Kusha Meditation Cushion for Spiritual Practice

Energy Kusha Meditation Cushion for Spiritual Practice
Energy Kusha Meditation Cushion for Spiritual Practice
Energy Kusha Meditation Cushion for Spiritual Practice
Energy Kusha Meditation Cushion for Spiritual Practice
Energy Kusha Meditation Cushion for Spiritual Practice
Energy Kusha Meditation Cushion for Spiritual Practice
Energy Kusha Meditation Cushion for Spiritual Practice
Energy Kusha Meditation Cushion for Spiritual Practice
Energy Kusha Meditation Cushion for Spiritual Practice
Energy Kusha Meditation Cushion for Spiritual Practice
Energy Kusha Meditation Cushion for Spiritual Practice
Energy Kusha Meditation Cushion for Spiritual Practice

Energy Kusha Meditation Cushion for Spiritual Practice    Energy Kusha Meditation Cushion for Spiritual Practice

IT'S TIME FOR KUSHA! Feel the ancient orgone energy of the kusha grass streaming through your body. Safe for you, your child and the environment. Energy meditation cushion function on the principle of emanating the Prana, Chi, Ki, also known as orgone energy, according to Wilhelm Reich. Our body is relieved of stress and the energy flow in it is restored by simply relaxing in the energy mat (mattress) or cushions.

Energy cushions are made of only natural materials. Energy kusha mats & cushions consist of three layers: pure merino wool zippered coating, kusha grass mat and and inner woolen cushion stuffed with 100% wool. We are using pure natural wool of the exceptional quality in producing energy kusha mats and cushions.

In addition to its well-known qualities and benefits for human health we must mention that it protects from the negative pathogenic radiation. Average size of a mat (mattress). It is not to be used as a yoga mat since it is soft! Mats are recommended for long yoga nidra, relaxations. And also as over-mattress on your bed!

It highly protects from X-rays and negative radiation. Average size of a meditation cushion. You can see what the cushion is made of in the picture. The size varies depending on the length and width of kusha grass. The outer woolen coating can be removed and is washable.

Kusha cushions and mats are easily rolled up and packed into practical bags, so they can be carried anywhere! Roll up and take your favorite meditation cushion or mat!

Whether you are going for a meditation, walk in the nature with your friends, holidays or camping! Forget all the discomfort of sleeping in an unfamiliar place or bed! Your kusha mat is a light and transportable over-mattress that neutralizes negative vibrations, and its fullness will make any bed comfortable and make you feel at home! The orgone energy it radiates will fill you up with positive energy, harmonize and regenerate your entire system! Its time for kusha if you have one of the following ailments or issues.

Suppressed emotions a block in energy flow. The benefits of the energy mat and cushions are following. Better quality of sleep and deeper rest. Inner and physical balance and harmony.

Better energy flow and metabolism. Complete regeneration on both physical and energetic level.

Good health and inner peace. How do the energy mat and cushions work? The basic principle upon which the energy mat and cushions work is tied to the energy flow in our body and the matter in our surroundings.

If the person is healthy and balanced, the energy flow is undisturbed and the circulation is harmonious through the body, and kusha grass helps establish the normal flow. Why do we need the energy mat and the meditation and sitting cushion? The fast pace of modern life and constant limit-pushing in terms of expectations and needs lead to the rise in stress levels, which causes deterioration of health. In order to increase the quality of ones life, one must have their time and place to relax after all the activity and spending all that energy a place for deep relaxation and recharging on your kusha , the oasis of peace!

Now its time for you and your inner peace! Take a break and relax with kusha grass and energies that have been discovered thousands of years ago. Get acquainted with deeper rest and regenerate yourself on the energy mat and the cushions designed especially for that and made of handpicked clean materials recommended even by the ancient sages.

Meditation, and its positive effects on ones well-being, especially when combined with yoga, has become appreciated all around the world because of its extraordinary anti-stress effect and health benefits resulting from it. Due to the fact that the energy mats and the cushions balance the flow of life force, they are particularly suited for meditating people who want to reach higher levels of consciousness easily.

Do you feel tired, exhausted and out of balance? Protect yourself from the bad influences and recover your natural balance! Its time for kusha and your inner peace! This is your time in which you can forget all your problems, all that you have to do, all the pressures brought upon by the modern life you lead, and relax on your kusha mat or cushion and dive deep into yourself to find your own centre and peace. Only from the state of peace can you make right decisions for your highest wellbeing and the wellbeing of your environment. Who are the kusha products for? The energy mat and the meditation and sitting cushion are recommended to everyone, young and old, healthy and unhealthy, and especially those who practise yoga or wellness, business people, the elderly, people with allergies, athletes, but also cancer patients. Energy mats and cushions are made of only natural materials. Kusha grass is the holy grass of Hinduism and it is not cultivated, but grows naturally by the sea and the confluences of rivers into seas. Kusha means sharp, because the edges of the long double leaves on the tall stalk are very sharp, so that they remind of a sword, and they symbolize discern and the wisdom to discriminate.

It is believed that kusha grass is purifying; it represents the intact consciousness; it clears out the unwelcome dreams and misconceptions, and brings the clarity of mind and awareness, while spurting intuition. It is mentioned in many of the Holy Scriptures and it has been esteemed from old.

In the Vedas, kusha grass is mentioned as the holy grass, and according to the early Buddhist texts, it was on the kusha grass that Buddha himself sat and meditated when he reached enlightenment. It is said that kusha grass retains the energy generated during the meditation and prevents its release into the ground through feet. Also, according to the medical research, kusha grass protects from X-rays and negative radiation such as Hartmann-Currys crosses, underground water, etc. Prevents energy from disassembling and regenerates it. Protects from X-rays and negative radiation.

Clears out the unwelcome dreams. Wool has been used for ages and praised especially in colder parts of the world for its warming properties and protection from the cold. It also protects from negative pathogen radiation; it is long-lasting and easy to maintain. It is a natural, eco-friendly material suitable for people prone to allergies. Humankind has been using wool for over 25.000 years; wool is always in and never out of fashion!

Wool is used in producing the energy mats and cushions because it is. Wool is a highly praised material for its numerous qualities.

Suitable for people suffering from asthma because it cannot develop mites. Safe for health it does not cause eye, skin or lung irritation. It does not retain sweat and smells, and it is filth-proof which makes it easy to maintain. Warmth, protection from the cold and humidity. Naturally absorbs humidity from the air so decreasing air dryness and static electricit.

Light, durable and long-lasting, also warm and soft to touch. Eco-friendly and renewable natural resource.

Contributes to quality of sleep and better rest, because it brings the heartbeat rate down so increasing by 25% the REM phase (dreaming phase) and phase 4 (resting phase). Decontaminates air and absorbs the atmospheric gases, especially combustion gases, such s sulphur dioxide.

Protects from negative pathogen radiation. Here are some ideas for using kusha products! Because emanating Prana awakens your chakras and opens up higher horizons.

For breathing techniques (pranayama & kriya). Because it strengthens the energy flow and gets rid of the subtle blocks.

For practicing certain types of exercise that does not require too much movement such. As kundalini yoga, Chi Gong and Falun Dafa, etc. Because it heightens the effect of all the energetic exercise.

Because dogs and cats enjoy its emanating positive energy and protection from the negative vibrations! As childrens play mat for the floor dolls, games, colouring, drawing, board games, etc. Because the kusha grass protects from negative radiation, and the warmth of the wool keeps off the chill of the floor.

For the inside of the pram. Because it protects from the cold and the negative vibrations, so it will have a soothing effect.

As an over-mattress for your bed. Because it enables better sleep and deeper rest, which is crucial for good health. As a comfortable mattress in your tent. Because it is comfortable and warm and you easily roll it up and take it anywhere with you! Because it protects form the cold and the negative vibrations, so it will have a soothing effect. As a cover for massage tables. For the greater comfort of the client and especially for the treatments for which a warm base is suitable. As a mat for various types of massage done on the floor audio therapy, Thai massage, etc. Because it is very comfortable and will heighten the effects of the massage. For yoga nidra in yoga centers or at home. For a special meditative experience and deep relaxation for beginners! The holiness of the kusha grass is as old as Hinduism. Puranas describe how Vishnu took a form of the great turtle (Avatar Kurma) whose back served as support for the Mandara mountain which was being turned by the demigods on the one side and the demons on the other with the help of the Snake King Vasuki , who served the purpose of the rope, thus churning the Ocean of Milk. As the mountain that served as the churning stick was turning in the Ocean of Milk, a few of the Turtles hairs fell off its back and that is how kusha came to be. Once Amrita (the immortality nectar) was churned out of the Ocean of Milk and divided amongst demigods and demons, a few drops fell on the kusha grass and made it even holier, adding medicinal properties to it.

Kusha grass is recommended even by Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita as the ideal meditation place, while Shiva says in the Guru Gita that the person who wants to attain enlightenment should sit on a kusha grass mat with a white woollen cover. These mats and cushions are designed according to their advice.

Shiva, the first Guru, says this in Guru Gita to his partner and disciple, goddess Parvati. The Guru Gita should be repeated with one-pointed mind while sitting on a mat made of Kusha or Durva grass with a white woollen cover. If the Guru Gita is repeated while seated on a cotton mat, one becomes poor. If it is repeated while seated on a rock, diseases strike. If it is repeated while seated on the ground, it brings misfortune.

And if it is repeated while seated on a piece of wood, it bears no fruits. The skin of a black deer brings the achievement of indirect knowledge. Tigers skin brings the joy of liberation. And if you sit on the mat made of kusha grass, then repeating the Guru Gita brigs the achievement of the direct knowledge. And if you sit on a woollen mat, then repeating Guru Gita brings all the achievements.

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Energy Kusha Meditation Cushion for Spiritual Practice    Energy Kusha Meditation Cushion for Spiritual Practice