Atmananda Natural Eco Yoga Alignment Sequence Training Fitness Exercise Gym Mat

Atmananda Natural Eco Yoga Alignment Sequence Training Fitness Exercise Gym Mat
Atmananda Natural Eco Yoga Alignment Sequence Training Fitness Exercise Gym Mat
Atmananda Natural Eco Yoga Alignment Sequence Training Fitness Exercise Gym Mat
Atmananda Natural Eco Yoga Alignment Sequence Training Fitness Exercise Gym Mat
Atmananda Natural Eco Yoga Alignment Sequence Training Fitness Exercise Gym Mat

Atmananda Natural Eco Yoga Alignment Sequence Training Fitness Exercise Gym Mat  Atmananda Natural Eco Yoga Alignment Sequence Training Fitness Exercise Gym Mat
WAGs - Wrist Assured Gloves. Atmananda Natural Eco Yoga Alignment Sequence Training Fitness Exercise Gym Mat. On a plain yoga mat many yoga practitioners question if their hands and feet are in the right place, or wonder if their stance is too short or too wide in certain poses.

This confusion not only inhibits the practitioner from the full meditative benefits of a yoga class, it also puts the practitioner in serious risk for physical injury from overstretching the ligaments and joints. The Atmananda Yoga Mat was designed with mathematically placed, easy to follow lines and shapes that help keep the body in the correct alignment when practicing, resulting in less stress on ligaments and joints.

The lines and shapes also help the student receive the maximum benefit out of each pose. Proper alignment is essential, as it helps the body to open faster, promotes advancement to more challenging yoga postures, and ultimately aids in the achievement of the perfect pose.

The perfect pose is achieved when there is no stress in the body while doing a yoga pose. The mind is still and connected to breath, the body is totally open and energy is free-flowing. This is the ultimate goal of yoga. The Atmananda Yoga Mat is a patented (#USD699980) and trademarked design. Its made of a robust Jute material and natural rubber, so its better for your body and is eco friendly.

The Right Mat For Your Height. The Atmananda Yoga Mat is carefully designed in three different sizes (small, medium and large) to be proportionate to an individuals specific body height. The lines and shapes on the mat are mathematically placed to keep the body in perfect alignment during yoga practice, keeping the joints and ligaments of the body safe, and to facilitate the maximum benefit out of each pose. After years of developing and fine-tuning, JhonT has determined that yoga students in the height measurements below will fit their corresponding mats exactly, with only a few people needing to adjust their stances by just a few inches/centimeters. The horizontal line located one inch from the front edge of the mat is called The 1st Line.

Many yoga poses begin at the front of the mat and you always want to maintain your toes directly behind this line. When called into positions such as Downward Facing Dog or Plank, your middle finger should always be directly behind The 1st Line. Using The 1st Line as a home base for the hands or the feet, you are able to find mental clarity and stability with a solid starting and ending place for any sequence. The two lines that run approximately 8 inches vertically from The 1st Line and frame The Middle Line are called The Parallel Lines. Hug the insteps of your feet to The Parallel Lines when you are practicing postures like Mountain Pose or Standing Forward Bend.

The Parallel Lines maintain your feet at a comfortable hips distance apart so you can sense more stability in your body. The second horizontal line you see is called The 2nd Line. This line is an excellent marker to set yourself up for arm balancing postures such as Crow, Side Crow, and Peacock.

For example, to practice Crow Pose, simply maintain your middle fingers in line with The 1st Line, and your toes on top of The 2nd Line. Then, place your knees on top of your triceps and balance on your hands with the feet off of the floor.

The vertical line that runs down the center of your mat is called The Middle Line. This line represents your spinal cord, solar plexus, navel, pubic bone, and nasal bone.

The Middle Line maintains your body in perfect harmony and symmetry with the mat, so that both sides of your mind and body develop evenly. The Middle Line also serves as a good reminder to maintain a straight and healthy spine throughout your yoga practice.

The Diagonal Lines and The Triangles that you see toward the back of your mat are useful for all positions that require your back foot to be at a 45 degree angle, e. Warrior 1, Pyramid, Revolved Triangle, etc. Place the ball of your foot inside the triangle, then spiral your heel down toward the base of the Diagonal Line. Your foot will be perfectly placed with your heel at the point where the Diagonal Line and the Middle Line meet. Proper use of the Triangles and the Diagonal Lines ensure injury prevention in the knees and steadiness in the hips, among other benefits.

When practicing postures such as High Lunge, place your back toes inside the Circle in order to properly and safely stretch your iliopsoas muscles (the front of your hip). For a healthy practice of poses such as Plank and Downward Dog, always maintain your toes inside the X-Boxes , directly in line with The 3rd Line.

This ensures a healthy stretch of the Achilles tendons, hamstrings, and calves. The 4th Line is used as a primary point of reference when you are asked to ground your back foot at a 90 degree angle Warrior 2, Extended Side Angle Pose, etc. Proper use of these lines and shapes helps to keep joints and ligaments safe and guards against overextending during practice. Additionally, they help students reach their full potential by expanding their understanding and freedom. Finding this balance will facilitate a happy, healthy, and most importantly, sustainable yoga practice.

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Atmananda Natural Eco Yoga Alignment Sequence Training Fitness Exercise Gym Mat  Atmananda Natural Eco Yoga Alignment Sequence Training Fitness Exercise Gym Mat